We offer a variety of horses for any skill level or discipline. Whether you are a beginner looking to grow your riding experience or an advanced rider that is interested in competing; we have something to offer everyone. Most of our horses have experience in multiple disciplines and competition settings, as well as beginner-friendly riding such as trails, arena work, etc. 

Why lease?

    Leasing is a great option for anyone who is not able to own a horse outright. It allows you the flexibility to ride and develop a bond with the horse without the time requirements or financial burden. What's so expensive about owning a horse, you might ask? Well, there are boarding costs (if you do not have your own facilities), vet bills, farrier bills, feed and supplement costs, as well as a host of other expenses that we will not dive into right now. The point being that with leasing you have the option to partake in all of the great things about owning a horse without all the not-so-great things. Not to mention that leasing is only a fraction of the cost of what you would be paying monthly if you owned your own animal. It's not just great for you but also for the horses. If a person owns multiple horses, they may not be able to spend as much time as they'd like with each individual. Leasing allows the horses to get more quality time, more exercise, and a new human friend to spend time with. It's a win-win! All parties involved get the best possible outcome. 

Available for Lease


Laylee is a spunky, sweet, and affectionate American Paint mare. She rides English or Western. She is willing and would be a great step-up horse for someone wanting to gain more experience. Laylee is quiet and respectful under saddle, and easy on the eyes as well!

*Available for full or half lease.


Annie is a smart and FLASHY American Paint mare. She rides English or Western. This girl was at the top of her halter class and has won numerous other championships, including Western Pleasure and Hunt Seat. Annie is a great trail horse, anything you would want to do with her she's done it before. She is very soft and enjoys a rider with a light touch. 

*Available for half lease


Joy is a sweet and intelligent Arabian/ Lipizzan cross mare. She is currently being used for lessons, and is an absolute 'joy' to be around. She is a Grand Champion in Dressage and English Pleasure. Joy would be a great confidence-builder for a new rider or a step-up horse for a rider that wishes to compete. 

*Available for half lease


Princess is a gentle and smart Miniature Horse mare. She is used for lessons and is a great starter horse for new riders. She has competed in and placed as Grand Champion in English Pleasure. She also has some jumping experience, and she really enjoys it. She also rides Western. Would be a great starter or step up horse for competitions. 

*Available for half lease


Leggs is a lovable and handsome Thoroughbred gelding. He is a BIG boy at 17+ hands. He is an OTTB and has competed in hunter classes, English Pleasure, and Western Pleasure. He is NOT your average hot-headed Thoroughbred, he is smart, considerate, and willing. Loves his people and hopes you will be one of them!

*Available for half lease.


Roscoe is a reliable and consistent American Paint gelding. He is a gentle soul and prefers a gentle rider. He has competed in multiple different disciplines including Hunter Jumper and Dressage. He also rides Western, he is a well-rounded guy with a good head on his shoulders.

*Available for half lease


Gin is an adventurous and observant Quarter Horse mare. She has competed in Western Pleasure, and has had many miles put on her on trail rides. Gin is smart, capable, and confident. She has been a great confidence builder in lessons and on the trail. 

*Available for half lease


Cheerio is a sweet and fun Miniature Horse gelding. He rides English or Western. He is full of personality and spunk, but still beginner friendly. Cheerio is a great horse for a beginner and has been used in lessons. 

*Available for half lease

More information and photos available upon request, call or text Robin at (912)312-7608 or stop by and see us!